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A State-of-the-Art Facility,
Built to Last

Serving as a social activity hub for live visual events, the Ashland-Greenwood Community Performing Arts Center will allow visitors from everywhere to attend youth dance and music events, touring musicals, theatrical performances, and so much more.


Exciting Features Catered to Everyone

Accommodates over 700 guests, with seating, lighting, and acoustics designed for an optimal audience experience – including a balcony and mounted projector. 

Supports school clubs, co-curricular activities, dance performances, concerts, theater productions, parent meetings, and a wide range of other school activities. 

Available to the public for community use outside of school activities, including potential rent income used to offset operational expenses. 

This design offers a traditional proscenium space with exceptional acoustics for all types of musical performance. A permanently mounted projector and screen will make hosting community events and school meetings easy and accessible. All of the lighting features are state-of-the art and can support a wide variety of settings and stages.


A Focal Point of
the Arts in Ashland

Our existing performing arts space is a gymnasium attached to Ashland-Greenwood High School, which is shared with the athletics program. Not only is this space insufficient in meeting the needs of our growing student population, but it also has inadequate acoustics, lighting, and seating for performing arts.

But this opportunity isn’t just for school-aged children. It’s a chance to create a shared venue for our thriving community  a place to bring in professional performances of all types and attract tourists and economic development.


Investing in our
Thriving Community

This is an opportunity to bring great economic impact to Ashland. In addition to its vibrant downtown, proximity to Mahoney State Park, and central location between Lincoln and Omaha, Ashland has a lot to offer already. A performing arts center will not only attract visitors – it will also herald the Ashland community for the great place it is to settle, raise a family and begin a new adventure!

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The opportunity to bring a state-of-the-art performing arts center to Ashland is now. By contributing to our campaign, you are investing in a vibrant future for our school and our city.


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